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Eric M.V. Hoek, Ph.D.


Research Interests and Activities
  Our research interests arise from the push towards more sustainable approaches for managing the world's critical water, energy, food, environmental, and human health needs. Many of these problems must be solved over the next generation.

Our approach is to use our fundamental knowledge of colloidal & interfacial phenomena wherever it applies. In particular, we have developed new fundamental insights on the roles of molecular and nano-scale heterogeneity (physical and chemical) on particle-particle and particle-surface interactions.

Using this knowledge we have studied a wide array of membrane materials & processes (MF/UF/NF/RO/FO/PRO/ED/RED/MD/MBR), electrochemical processes (electro-coagulation, -oxidation, -flotation) and advanced materials (polymers, nanoparticles, nanocomposites).

Some of the applications we have explored include conventional water & wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis desalination & wastewater reclamation, oil-water separations & produced water treatment, membrane transport, mass transfer & system level modeling, bacterial adhesion, biofilm formation and membrane fouling, kidney dialysis and protein separations, aerobic & anaerobic membrane bioreactors, and alternative energy solutions like anaerobic digester biogas and salinity-gradient power.

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