Professional Affiliations and Service – Gaurav N. Sant, Ph.D.

1) Member: American Concrete Institute
– Chair: Task Group 4 (TG4) on Modeling and Simulation Methods under TAC 236 (Materials Science of Concrete)
– Voting Member: TAC 231 (Properties of Concrete at Early Ages), Associate Member: TAC 212 (Chemical Admixtures) and TAC 236 Materials Science of Concrete)

2) Member: Center for Advanced Cement Based Materials

3) Member: American Society for Testing and Materials
– Voting Member of ASTM C01 (Committee on Cement): Sub-Committees: C01.10 (Hydraulic Cements for General Concrete Construction) and C01.25 (Cement Fineness)
– Voting Member of ASTM C09 (Committee on Concrete): C09.23 (Chemical Admixture), C09.23.03 (Chemical Admixtures), C09.60 (Testing Fresh Concrete), C09.64 (Nondestructive and In-Place Testing), C09.68 (Volume Change)

4) Expert Referee for: Cement and Concrete Research, RILEM: Materials and Structures, ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering and Cement and Concrete Composites, ACI Materials Journal, Journal of the American Ceramic Society

5) Grant Proposal Reviewer for the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, China

6) Co-Organizer (With Joseph Biernacki and Zachary Grasley) for a Session on “Early-Age Hydration Kinetics and Temperature Effects on Concrete Durability” – The American Concrete Institute, Spring Convention, Dallas, Texas, (2012)

7) Participated in the development and validation of a new test method for measuring autogenous deformations in cementitious systems. The method was adopted by ASTM (ASTM C1698) in 2009.

8) President and Vice-President: ACI Purdue University Student Chapter, (2006-2008)