Cee 225

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Next offering by Prof. Stewart is Spring 2015

Prerequisite: C&EE 220, 245

Reference Materials:

  1. Course reader available from ASUCLA store.

  2. Kramer, SL, 1996. Geotechnical earthquake engineering, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ (book is currently being re-written by Kramer and Stewart, but unlikely to be ready by Spring 2015)

Major topics:

Ground response analysis: soil property evaluation, mechanics of equivalent-linear and nonlinear methods, and implementation of results in PSHA. 5 lec.

Soil-structure interaction: inertial and kinematic interaction effects and typical applications. Content is closely related to NIST (2012) report (see link on publications page). 4 lec.

Soil liquefaction: susceptibility considerations, triggering analysis, post-liquefaction shear strength, consequence analysis, and mitigation. 6 lec.

Cyclic softening of clays: definition, analysis procedure, and consequences. 1 lec.

Seismic compression of compacted soil: definition, analysis procedure. 1 lec.

Surface fault rupture: primary and secondary rupture features, mitigation. 1 lec.

Seismic slope stability: types of landslides, demand and resistance characterization, pseudo-static and sliding block analysis methods and their application for practical conditions. 2 lec.