The UCLA Civil and Environmental Engineering Industry Advisory Board recently gathered for their annual meeting to review the Civil and Environmental Engineering department, meet with various constituents, and discuss actionable recommendations. During the first part of the day, the Industry Advisory Board met with Department Chair Jonathan Stewart to review the Department’s strategic plan, Vice Chair of Undergraduate Affairs Scott Brandenberg to learn about upcoming undergraduate changes, and Dean Jayathi Murthy to hear about the vision for the School. The Board then visited with undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. The day concluded with attendance of the ASCE Banquet.

The Industry Advisory Board provides support and guidance to the UCLA Civil and Environmental Engineering Department from the perspective of industry leaders. The Industry Advisory Board provides valuable advice to Civil and Environmental Engineering Department regarding the changing needs of industry and the engineering profession. The Industry Advisory Board also provides suggestions for strengthening ties with industry in order to promote industry-academia interaction, joint collaboration and research, and technology transfer.

Meet our current Industry Advisory Board Members.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department looks forward to receiving valuable feedback from the Industry Advisory Board as well as continuing to strengthen ties with industry leaders in future years.

Pictured above from left: Jon Wren (Exponent), Christopher T. Stern (Trimble), Marshall Lew (AMEC), David Selna (Taslimi Construction), Jonathan Stewart (UCLA), Thomas A. Sabol (Englekirk Institutional, UCLA), Thierry Sanglerat (Geosyntec), Travis Deane (Shannon & Wilson, Inc.), Soroosh Sorooshian (UC Irvine), Mike Stenstrom (UCLA). Not pictured: Sarah Brandenberg (Fehr and Peers), Marshall Davert (MWH Global, Inc.), Nicole Blute (Hazen & Sawyer), Brad Fry (W.E. O’Neil).