Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty Mathieu Bauchy, Gaurav Sant and JR DeShazo (joint appointment with UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs) organized the 1st international conference on Grand Challenges in Construction Materials.

About the Conference

Civil engineering infrastructure is aging and deteriorating, an issue, remediation of which involves huge maintenance and replacement costs. At the same time, due to the growth in population/transportation, the need for infrastructure keeps increasing. These aspects need to be balanced within the context of sustainability and reduction of COemissions allocated to the construction community. The conference aims at identifying and discussing the “Grand Challenges” (of which there are many) in construction materials, and potential solutions to these. Focus is placed on identifying groupings of challenges and specific research directions for the academic community and industry to undertake towards solution of such anticipated challenges. As such, in potential submissions, authors, and speakers are expected to identify a “grand challenge” with some level of specificity and discuss how the outcomes of their research present a part of, or a complete solution to such challenge(s).

Conference Objectives

  1. To categorically elucidate present/emerging issues, limitations, and opportunities in construction materials.
  2. To emphasize how multi-scale (from atoms to continuum) experiments, modeling, and simulations can advance our understanding to take cement and concrete to the next level.
  3. To highlight the problems/solutions shared with other materials (e.g., glass, soft-matter) and how a multi-disciplinary approach, which blends best practices from different fields, can revolutionize concrete.

Who Should Attend?

Leading experts in construction materials from academia, industry, and governmental agencies.

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