Photo courtesy of S. Mahendra

Yu (Rain) Miao, a postdoctoral scholar in the Mahendra Lab, received the Chancellor’s Award for Postdoctoral Research last November 9th. This award recognizes Miao’s research and its impact, while also highlighting Miao as a valuable member of UCLA’s academic community. 

Additionally, Miao was recently hired as an assistant professor in the departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Marine and Environmental Sciences in Northeastern University. The appointments will start January 2023.

At Northeastern University, Dr. Miao will utilize his expertise gained from UCLA to develop environmental biotechnology addressing emerging contaminants in groundwater and stormwater, and assess the environmental risks in public and ecological health.

Miao started as a Ph.D. student at UCLA, advised by civil and environmental engineering professor Shaily Mahendra in 2015, focusing on groundwater and soil remediation and microbial ecology. He graduated in 2019 and received the UCLA Outstanding Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering. 

Dr. Miao continued working as a postdoctoral scholar in the Mahendra Lab to focus on machine learning applications in microbiology and resource recovery. In 2021, Miao received the World Microbe Forum FEMS Congress Attendance Grant.