Congratulations to Gabe Falzone, Ph.D. student in Materials Science, Bu Wang, Postdoctoral Scholar in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Cheng-Wei Lin, Ph.D. student in Chemistry on their advancement to the final round of UC Carbon Slam. The team will present their climate solution pitch, “Carbon Upcycling: Turning CO2 into Concrete” on May 23rd at PARC, a Xerox Company, in Palo Alto, CA.

The UC Carbon Slam is a system-wide event will bring students from all 10 campuses to Silicon Valley to present their climate science and carbon reduction research in three-minute pitches and posters at a live competition before a panel of esteemed judges and guests for a chance to win cash prizes. Global climate disruption is impacting the planet in ways never experienced in human history. Record-setting warmer temperatures are becoming the norm across the planet, and sea-level rise poses a real threat to humanity. The University of California Carbon Slam will offer solutions.

Learn more about the UC Carbon Slam here: