Courses – Taciroglu

Ertugrul Taciroglu, Ph.D.

  • CEE19: Fiat Lux Learning from our Mistakes: Catastrophic Failure of Structures through the Ages (Sp05, Sp07)
  • CEE/MAE M20: Introduction to Programming with Matlab (Sp15)
  • CEE103 Applied Numerical Analysis and Modeling (Sp08-12)
  • CEE130 Elementary Structural Mechanics  (W02, W03, W05, W07-13)
  • CEE137 Elementary Structural Dynamics (F01, F03)
  • CEE246 Structural Response to Ground Motions W03-06)
  • CEE235a Advanced Structural Analysis (F04-06, F08-09, F11-12)
  • CEE235b Finite Element Analysis (W13, W14)
  • CEE235c Nonlinear Structural Analysis (Sp02-06, Sp10, Sp11, Sp13)
  • CEE249 Structural Engineering Seminar (Sp02-09, Sp14)