Seminar by Yannis F. Dafalias

Questioning Critical State Soil Mechanics

Answering a Qualifying Exam Question

The Question:
• A soil sample is loaded in drained triaxial compression until it reaches Critical State.
• At Critical State a rotation of principal axes of stress is imposed, while keeping the principal stress values constant.
• Question: will the soil sample continue to be at Critical State or not, and why?

The Answer:
It will be given during the seminar and will surprise you. In elaborating the answer to this question, doubts will be casted upon the completeness of the foundation of Critical State Theory for granular media, and shortcomings will be illustrated. A way to remedy the shortcomings will be presented. At the end it will be concluded that the way we present and teach Critical State Theory must be revisited.
Dafalias Seminar_UCLA_March 2017

Date(s) - Mar 21, 2017
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Boelter Hall 4275
4275 Boelter Hall, Los Angeles CA 90095