Mission And Services

Mission and Services


The UCLA-CEE Partners program is dedicated to initiating
and forging relationships with industry. We seek synergy between our
educational and research goals and your corporate objective of


Student recruitment

Increased visibility
of your firm on campus

Transfer of research
results to practice


The CEE Partners Program is committed to customizing services to
each particular member in order to maximize talent benefits and
institutional resources from the Civil & Environmental Engineering

Enhance Talent Pipeline Between UCLA and Member Companies

  Members are able to disseminate career opportunities to undergraduate and
graduate students
  Easy access to student
  CEE Partners Program provides student intern resume’s that match company needs
  Participation in recruitment activities including seminars and industry-student dinners
  Complimentary registration for full members at job fairs organized by the UCLA student chapter of ASCE
  Coordination of industry requests for on-site student or faculty

Visibility on UCLA Campus

  CEE Partners will arrange meeting requests from members
with faculty and students of choice
  CEE Partners will arrange for
technical seminars delivered by staff of member companies
  Admission to events: Tech Forum & Seminars
  Company day on campus: CEE Partners will arrange dinner
for member company staff with faculty and students
to sponsor research programs, summer internships, or undergraduate and
graduate course projects.

Transfer of Research Results to Practice

  CEE Partners will arrange industry request for on-site
student or faculty presentations
  Access to department research reports
  Members can sponsor their representatives to
work on-campus with faculty