Laurie Huning, Ph.D. candidate in the Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering group under advisement of Dr. Steve Margulis has received the NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship. After graduation this year, Laurie will attend UC Irvine where she will carry out her proposed research. Her interests are in terrestrial hydrology, hydroclimatology, cold-land processes, remote sensing, hydrometeorology, hydrologic modeling, climate modeling, land-atmosphere interactions, atmospheric rivers, data assimilation, and the water-food-energy nexus.

The Division of Earth Sciences (EAR) awards Postdoctoral Fellowships to recent recipients of doctoral degrees to carry out an integrated program of independent research and education. The Division of Earth Sciences supports proposals for research geared toward improving the understanding of the structure, composition, and evolution of the Earth, the life it supports, and the processes that govern the formation and behavior of the Earth’s materials. ┬áThe results of this research will create a better understanding of the Earth’s changing environments, and the natural distribution of its mineral, water, biota, and energy resources and provide methods for predicting and mitigating the effects of geologic hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides. The program is intended to recognize beginning investigators of significant potential, and provide them with research experience, mentorship, and training that will establish them in leadership positions in the Earth Sciences community.

Laurie Huning is also the recipient of the UCLA Civil and Environmental Engineering Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award, NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship, UCLA Charles F. Scott Fellowship, UCLA Affiliates Fellowship and the UCLA Philip and Aida Siff Educational Foundation Fellowship.