Los Angeles has emerged as a vibrant startup hub, exemplified by UCLA’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, notably showcased in the Magnify Incubator at CNSI. One standout venture in this incubator, Active Membranes, is revolutionizing freshwater access through membrane desalination technology. Amidst escalating freshwater scarcity globally, their patented electrically conducting nanofiltration and reverse osmosis modules offer a breakthrough in resisting scaling and fouling, significantly slashing costs and space requirements. With a potential market exceeding $20 billion, the technology’s versatility spans from household to industrial scales, addressing critical water challenges.

Active Membranes’ success underscores the symbiotic relationship between academia and entrepreneurship. Supported by UCLA’s resources and mentorship, the company has garnered recognition, including prestigious awards and funding. Led by co-founders like UCLA professor Eric Hoek, who was instrumental in the naming and development of the technology, and Arian Edalat, the company is poised for growth. Benefitting from Magnify Incubator’s infrastructure and networking opportunities, Active Membranes aims to make a substantial impact locally and globally, fostering water sustainability while advancing innovative solutions for water treatment and desalination.

Read full story on CNSI website linked: https://cnsi.ucla.edu/project/january-17-2024-active-membranes-the-future-of-fresh-water-is-bright/