Saeedreza Hafeznezami, Ph.D., P.E.

Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering

5732-L Boelter Hall
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of California
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1593

Phone: 562-852-6243


Ph.D., (2015), University of California Los Angeles
M.S., (2010), California State University Long Beach
B.S., (2008), Tehran Polytechnic University

Classes Taught

CEE 154: Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment
CEE 155: Unit Operations and Processes for Water and Wastewater Treatment
CEE 157B: Design of Water Treatment Plants
CEE 254: Aquatic Chemistry

Research Interests

My research interests include studying the fate and transport of inorganic contaminants in subsurface environments by using experimental and geochemical modeling tools. I have worked on developing a hybrid approach to modeling the adsorption of arsenic on natural sediments collected from a contaminated aquifer. The adsorption model was calibrated to the batch and column experimental data with the ultimate goal of being used in a reactive transport model to guide the in-situ remediation efforts.

Selected Honors and Awards

Outstanding Doctor of Philosophy Student Award in UCLA’s CEE Department, 2015-2016
UCLA’s Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2014-2015
Graduate Dean’s List of University Scholars, 2010
Member of Chi Epsilon, the National Civil Engineering Honor Society, 2010

Recent Publications

Hafeznezami, S., Zimmer-Faust, A. G., Jun, D., Rugh, M. B., Haro, H. L., Park, A Suh, J., Najm, T., Reynolds, M.D., Davis, J.A. and Parhizkar, T. (2017). Remediation of groundwater contaminated with arsenic through enhanced natural attenuation: Batch and column studies. Water Research, 122, 545-556.

Lin, T. Y., Hafeznezami, S., Rice, L., Stahl, M., Neuman, R., Harvey, C., Suffet, I.H., & Jay, J. A. (2017). Arsenic oxyanion binding to NOM from dung and aquaculture pond sediments in Bangladesh: Importance of site-specific binding constants. Applied Geochemistry, 78, 234-240.

Jun, D., Kim, Y., Hafeznezami, S., Yoo, K., Hoek, E. M., & Kim, J. (2017). Biologically induced mineralization in anaerobic membrane bioreactors: Assessment of membrane scaling mechanisms in a long-term pilot study. Journal of Membrane Science, 543, 342-350.

Hafeznezami, S., Lam, J. R., Xiang, Y., Reynolds, M. D., Davis, J. A., Lin, T., & Jay, J. A. (2016). Arsenic mobilization in an oxidizing alkaline groundwater: Experimental studies, comparison and optimization of geochemical modeling parameters. Applied Geochemistry, 72, 97-112.

Hafeznezami, S., Zimmer-Faust, A.G., Dunne, A., Tran, T., Yang, C., Lam, J.R., Reynolds, M.D., Davis, J.A. & Jay, J.A. (2016). Adsorption and desorption of arsenate on sandy sediments from contaminated and uncontaminated saturated zones: Kinetic and equilibrium modeling. Environmental Pollution, 215, 290-301.