Research Interest2

 Research Interests
Earthquake engineering and structural
dynamics, soil-structure interaction, earthquake hazard mitigation using
passive and semi-active protection devices, rocking response and
overturning of rigid blocks, seismic modeling of embankments and pile
foundations, seismic behavior and analysis of reinforced concrete
structures, structural mechanics and ground motion characteristics.
Yuchuan Tang (Ph.D., 2009),
“Soil-Structure Interaction and Its Roles in Performance-Based Seismic Analysis of Shear Wall Structures”
Shi-Yu Xu (Ph.D., 2010), “Modeling Axial-Shear-Flexure Interaction of RC Columns for Seismic Response Assessment of Bridges”
Yili Huo (2011), “Seismic Response
Assessment and Improvement of Highway Bridges Using Fragility Function
Tadeh Zirakian (2013), “Seismic Performance and Design of Steel Plate Shear Walls With Low Yield Point Steel Infill Plates”
Wang Xi (2014), “Performance-Based
Implementation of Seismic Protective Devices for Structures”
Zhan Shu (Ph.D. Student), “Performance-Based
Implementation of Adaptive Stiffness and Damping Devices for Buildings”
Yazhou Xie (Ph.D. Student), “Effective Seismic Protections for Highway Bridges Using Hybrid Simulation”
Eugene E. Del Valle (Ph.D. Student), “Modeling Liquefaction Induced Lateral Spreading Using Mesh Free Method”

NEESR-SG: Development of Next Generation Adaptive Seismic Protection
Systems (National Science Foundation)
NEESR-SG: Seismic Simulation and Design of
Bridge Columns under Combined Actions, and Implications on System
Response (National Science Foundation)

NEESR-SG: Behavior, Design and Analysis of Complex Wall Systems
(National Science Foundation)
Simulation of Global Bridge Response to 3D
Shaking and Lateral Spreading (PEER Transportation Research Program)

Caltran-PEER Lifeline Program: Fragility Functions for Liquefaction
Screening of Caltrans Bridges (Caltrans)