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 Research Interests
My research interests include groundwater
modeling, inverse problems of parameter structure identification, and
the development of methodologies and models for optimizing large-scale
water resources systems.

I have been involved in the development of computer models for optimal
operations of large-scale hydropower and water supply systems, such as
the California Central Valley Project and the Metropolitan Water
District of Southern California. The optimization models are based on
mathematical programming techniques, such as Linear Programming,
Nonlinear Programming and Dynamic Programming.

Another major component of my research is groundwater modeling and
management, which includes the inverse problems of parameter structure
identification and experimental design. Nonlinear parameter estimation
procedures are developed for solving inverse problems. Parameter
structure identification includes the determination of the optimum
parameter dimension, its corresponding pattern and parameter values.

I am also involved in the development of methodologies for conjunctive
use planning of surface water and groundwater for sustainable management
of water resources in the semi-arid regions.

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