Research – Issam N. Najm, Ph.D., P.E.


  • My primary research interests are in the optimization of physical and chemical processes in drinking water treatment, with emphasis on the removal of arsenic from groundwater, adsorption of contaminants on activated carbon, destruction of contaminants with advanced oxidation processes, and the formation and control of harmful disinfection by-products. My research has involved: evaluating the formation of hydrazine as a by-product of the use of chloramine in drinking water disinfection, the formation of nitroso-dimethyl-amine (NDMA) from the interaction of chloramine with polymers used in water treatment plants, the application of coagulation and filtration for the removal of arsenic from drinking water supplies, and the validation of the performance of full-scale ozone contactors used for drinking water disinfection.


  • Formation of Hydrazine as a Chloramine By-Product
  • Formation of NDMA Upon Chloramine Contact with Water Treatment Polymers
  • Development of Arsenic Treatment Technologies for Very Small Systems
  • Disinfection Validation of Full-Scale Ozone Contactors