Research – Gaurav Sant, Ph.D.


Research Interests

Our research efforts are directed towards the development and design of sustainable low-CO­2 foot-print materials for infrastructure construction applications.  These efforts are three-fold encompassing:
(1) strategies to utilize natural and waste materials in concrete by inferring optimal chemical combination’s and compatibilities of constituent materials using thermodynamic calculations and experimental evaluations,
(2) the formulation and-or utilization of application specific organic and inorganic chemicals to improve the properties, durability performance and service-life of concrete structures and
(3) developing CO2-insensitive concretes for use in carbon sequestration and fixation applications.
To this end, our research group develops fundamental constituent chemistry-microstructure-engineering performance descriptors of cementitious materials to correlate and unify the fundamental variables that describe the overall response of the material. These efforts are directed towards the addressing the practical needs of the wider construction community and developing “new concretes” for the next generation of infrastructure construction applications. The overall theme of research aims to rationalize the use of natural resources in construction, promote environmental protection and to advance the cause of ecological responsibility in the concrete construction industry.

 Research Projects

Low-Clinker Factor Cements and Concretes
Carbon Fixation and Sequestration in Cementitious Materials
Organic Polymer Additions for Property Modifications
Blast and Fire Resistant Infrastructure Materials
Mitigation of Deleterious Phenomena Caused by Crystallization