Research – Jonathan P. Stewart, Ph.D., P.E.

 Current Research Projects and Other Technical Activities

Predictability of Site Response with ID Geotechnical Modeling Using California Vertical Array Data. Graduate student: Kioumars Afshari. California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program.
Seismic Analysis of Retaining Structures and Culverts. Graduate student: Eva Agapaki. Caltrans.
Influence of Kinematic SSI on Foundation Input Motions for Bridges on Deep Foundations. Graduate student: Benjamin Turner. PEER.
Seismic deformation potential of peaty organic soils underlying delta levees. Graduate students: Yi Tyan Tsai and Ali Shafiee. California Department of Water Resources
Factors Affecting Seismic Levee Performance: Case Student from 2007 Nigata, Japan Earthquake. Post Doctoral Scholar: Paolo Zimmaro. California Department of Water Resources
NGL: Open Source Global Database and Model Development for the Next-Generation of Liquefaction Assessment Procedures. Post Doctoral Scholar: Dong Youp Kwak. PEER Center
NGA-Sub: Database development and ground motion models for subduction regions. Graduate students: Sean Ahdi, Victor Contreras, and Grace Parker. PEER Center
Site amplification in central and eastern north America (part of NGA-East project). Graduate student: Grace Parker. Geotechnical Working Group. PEER Center
Validation of physics-based ground motion simulation procedures with emphasis on duration parameters. Graduate student: Kioumars Afshari. Southern California Earthquake Center
ATC-116: Solutions to the issue of short-period building performance. Applied Technology Council
Dam Risk Panel. Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Francisco, CA
Shakey Board. California Division of Safety of Dams, Sacramento, CA
Tall Buildings Initiative, Version 2. PEER Center and Pankow Foundation
Database and Ground Motion Model Development for Shallow Crustal Earthquakes in Greece. Marie Curie Fellowship (European Union).

 Web Products of Completed Work

Implementation of Ground Response Analysis Results in PSHA
Ground Failure from September 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake
Calibration Sites for Validation of Nonlinear Geotechnical Models
UCLA-NEES Equipment Site