Jennifer A. Jay, Ph.D.

Photo Name Group Degree Pursued Email Address Faculty Advisor Biography
Cristina Echeverria Environmental PhD Jay
Victoria Whitener Environmental PhD Jay
Wayne Hung Environmental and Water Resources MS Jay


Ph.D. Candidate  Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCLA
M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCLA
B.S. Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
B.S. Geography, National Taiwan University

Research: Antibiotic resistance, heavy metal pollution in soil

Megyn Rugh Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD Jay Megyn is a PhD student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. She received her B.S. in Biology and her M.S. in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, both from UCLA. Megyn’s research focuses on the fate and transport of antibiotic resistance genes and pathogens in marine water, stormwater, and stormwater biofilters. Megyn is also leading The Surfer Resistance Fund project, a study that examines if surfers have different microbiomes due to their environmental exposure to antibiotic resistant bacteria. When she is not in lab, she is camping, surfing, or eating a cupcake.
Pauline Nguyen Civil and Environmental Engineering UG Jay Pauline Nguyen is a fourth-year Civil and Environmental Engineering student with an emphasis on the water resources and environmental tracks. She has been a part of Professor Jay’s lab since the beginning of her sophomore year as a scholar in the Sustainable LA Grand Challenges Undergraduate Research Program. For the past two years, she has been working under PhD students Victoria Whitener and Megyn Rugh helping out with tasks such as literature review, experiment preparation, membrane filtration, and DNA extraction. Some of the projects she has been assisting with include comparing ampicillin-resistant E. coli bacteria in activated sludge versus trickling filter secondary treatment, comparing antibiotic resistance in different biofilter geomedia, and investigating the fate of MRSA in Southern California coastal waters. She continues to be a part of the Jay lab for the rest of her undergraduate career because she loves how friendly, supportive, and encouraging everyone is and to also gain experience in the academia side of engineering. Outside of lab, Pauline enjoys swimming, playing the piano and viola, going on food adventures, and watching musicals and her favorite TV shows.
Adiba Majumder Civil and Environmental Engineering UG Jay My name is Adiba Majumder. I am a Civil Engineering transfer student from El Camino Community College and will be attending UC Irvine Fall of 2018. I grew up in Torrance, CA and have always had a passion for reading, writing and drawing. Fun fact about me: my name actually means writer. I decided to get my GED after my sophomore year in high school, and have been working hard ever since. I used to play basketball in elementary school and hope to start playing again and learn how to dance once I get to Irvine.
Mathew Gutierrez Civil and Environmental Engineering UG Jay Mathew Gutierrez is a second-year student studying for his Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles. He hopes to use his degree and experiences to change the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature from parasitic to mutualistic through bioremediation and green energy initiatives. Throughout his first year, he worked in Professor Jennifer Jay’s research laboratory. Individually tasked with maintaining the lab, conducting literature reviews, and preparing materials for experiments and assisting with them, he continually proved to be a reliable, friendly worker. In his free time, he enjoys reading books about applied psychology and playing any volleyball he can.
Emily Curling Chemical Engineering UG Jay Emily will soon finish her undergraduate in Chemical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal. Emily is passionate about social and climate justice and her main research interests revolve around water and wastewater engineering.
Shannon Cavanaugh Environmental Science UG Jay Shannon is an undergraduate in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (class of 2019), majoring in Environmental Science with a minor/concentration in Environmental Engineering. She joined the lab as a member of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Undergraduate Research Scholars Program during the 2017-2018 school year, and worked on a project involving the co-selection of antibiotic and metal resistance in biofilter geomedia. She is the co-director of Sustainability Action Research at UCLA, connecting undergraduate research teams with stakeholders to tackle campus sustainability issues. In her free time, you can find her hiking, traveling, or enjoying a bowl of ramen.