Travis Deane

Travis Deane is a geotechnical engineer with over 20 years of experience working on a variety of projects across the western United States, particularly in California.  Travis began his career in the San Francisco Bay Area graduating with a Master’s degree in civil engineering from UC Berkeley.  He joined Shannon & Wilson in 2003 after moving to Seattle, Washington.   Upon Shannon & Wilson’s acquisition of a geotechnical firm in the Los Angeles area, Travis was transferred to Glendale, California to manage the new office.

Travis has worked on numerous projects throughout his career and in a variety of subsurface conditions.  He enjoys solving challenging problems with innovative solutions designed to be practical, economical, and workable within the numerous constraints that typically beset complex projects.  He manages the Los Angeles office with a team approach and works to build consensus with his colleagues, having the opinion that two engineers and/or geologists agreeing usually results in a solution that is ten times better than one person working in a vacuum.

For fun, Travis enjoys golfing, hiking, downhill skiing, and coaching the soccer teams for his two young sons.