ASCE at UCLA competed in the 2021 National Concrete Canoe Competition held June 25-27 and hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Each year, project undertakers design, build, and race canoes out of lightweight concrete emphasizing strength and sustainability. In normal years, teams are graded on four categories: Technical Proposal, Technical Presentation, Final Product, and Races. The virtual format removed the latter two categories in favor of an additional Enhanced Focus Areas Report allowing teams to elaborate on topics enhancing the value of their proposal. ASCE at UCLA placed 1st in Technical Proposal and 5th in Oral Presentation to take 5th place overall out of 23 of the best canoe teams from around the nation and abroad.

Riding the momentum from Nationals, ASCE at UCLA Concrete Canoe has already begun planning for an in-person experience upon returning to campus in the fall. For more information on how to get involved and help take the program to new heights, please visit the ASCE at UCLA Concrete Canoe website.