Photograph courtesy of Paul Lee

Paul Lee, UCLA Alumni (B.S. CEE), is featured in the film “Cities of the Future”. The film is scheduled to come out in February 2024 and provides valuable insights in the evolving role of civil engineers. As an alumni, Lee emphasizes the film’s mission to make civil engineering appealing and inspiring to a broad audience, ranging from students to experienced professionals. Lee discusses the multidimensional nature of the profession, highlighting the need for civil engineers to expand their expertise beyond traditional specializations. Especially in areas such as project management, planning, and policymaking. The interview sheds light on the film’s message of optimism and innovation, encouraging engineers to embrace interdisciplinary knowledge to shape the future of cities. Lee’s perspective also touches on the definition of more “livable” cities and draws lessons from cities like Amsterdam and Singapore, showcasing innovative approaches to urban planning. Finally, he stresses the responsibility of civil engineers in ensuring the feasibility and realistic construction of futuristic visions presented in the film, underlining the importance of effective communication with policymakers and society.

You can read the full article on the ASCE(American Society of Civil Engineers) website, linked below.