Eric Ahlberg, Ph.D., P.E., Laboratories Manager and Principal Development Engineer (Structural and Geotechnical Engineering)      4731L Boelter Hall      (310) 825-6516

Laboratories Director for all Department Labs; Lecturer; Equipment and Space Manager.

Mimi Baik, Student Affairs Officer     5732A Boelter Hall    (310) 825-1851

Prospective and current graduate student assistance. Student funding, coordinate special programs, class scheduling, department events, website and social media.

Melissa Custodio, Payroll and Personnel     5731A Boelter Hall   (310) 825-2292

Manages payroll and personnel functions for faculty, staff, and students (graduate student researchers, teaching apprentices, readers, and visiting titles).

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Stacey Fong, Management Services Officer     5731L Boelter Hall     (310) 825-1823

Manages all aspects of Department, including faculty personnel actions, staff supervision, and department & student budget/fund management.

Jazlyn Ocasio, Fund Manager     5732L Boelter Hall     (310) 825-4056

Manages pre- and post awards for department faculty, coordinates effort reporting and close out of awards.

Evelin Zavala, Chair’s Assistant/ Admin Coordinator   5731 Boelter Hall   (310) 825-2471

Manages purchases, reimbursements, travel, logistics for CEE 200 Seminar series, website & social media. Provides assistance with all administrative matters.