Areas of Study

UCLA’s Structural Engineering and Mechanics Program offers the following areas of emphasis

Solid and Structural Mechanics

    * Computational mechanics
    * Damage and fracture mechanics
    * Computational material science
    * Constitutive modeling of nonlinear material behavior
    * Mechanics of composite structures and material systems
    * Nondestructive and destructive testing and evaluation
    * Smart/Active structures and material systems

Structural/Earthquake Engineering

    * Static and dynamic laboratory testing of structural elements and systems
    * Field testing of full-scale structures and structure-foundation systems
    * Applications of sensors and sensor networks to field testing
    * Seismic health monitoring and system identification
    * Development, calibration, and implementation of nonlinear models for
      structural elements and systems
    * Development of design and evaluation methodologies
    * Implementation of research into practice
    * Optimum design of structures
    * Soil-structure interaction