Civil Engineering Materials


Ongoing research is focused on inorganic, random porous materials and incorporates expertise at the interface of chemistry and materials science to develop the next generation of sustainable construction materials. The work incorporates aspects of first principles and continuum scale simulations and integrated experiments, ranging from nano-to-macro scales. Special efforts are devoted toward developing low-clinker factor cements and concretes, reducing the carbon footprint of construction materials, and increasing the service life of civil engineering infrastructure.

Faculty and Lecturers



Mathieu Bauchy, Ph.D. 5731B Boelter Hall (310) 825-9991

Development of high-performance and sustainable glasses and cement for infrastructure and handled devices applications; multi-scale simulations of materials.


Gaurav Sant, Ph.D. 5731J Boelter Hall (310) 206-3084

Development and design of sustainable low-CO­2 foot-print materials for infrastructure construction applications.

Xiaoyu (Rayne) Zheng, Ph.D. 5731 Boelter Hall

Development of additive manufacturing technologies and material synthesis for multi-functional materials and device systems with controlled micro-architectures and encoded properties.