Industry Advisory Board Charter


The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) provides support and guidance to the UCLA Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department from the perspective of industry leaders. CEE graduates represent our principal product and the IAB represents our customers. As such, the IAB provides valuable advice to CEE regarding the changing needs of industry and the engineering profession. IAB also provides suggestions for strengthening ties with industry in order to promote industry-academia interaction, joint collaboration and research, and technology transfer.


IAB members are to be selected by CEE faculty, although input and nominations from continuing IAB members is welcome. Members are to be drawn principally from local industry. Members should be leaders in their profession and should have demonstrated a strong interest in the department through participation in the Industrial Affiliate Program (IAP) or other in-kind support of department educational or research programs.

The IAB will have a Chair appointed by the CEE Department Chair. IAB members will serve two or three year terms renewable upon mutual agreement with the CEE Department Chair and IAB Chair. To accommodate new members and perspectives we envision a structured, staggered rotation of membership facilitated by periodic one-year sabbaticals away from the Board.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held annually, typically in the Winter quarter (January – March).

Areas of Review

We seek input on undergraduate and graduation educational programs, faculty recruitment, research activities, research dissemination to industry, industry recruitment of students, alumni and industry outreach events, and the Industrial Affiliate Program.