Photo courtesy of Professor Sanjay Mohanty

Jamie Leonard, Graduate researcher under Dr. Sanjay Mohanty UCLA’s SeaLab. With a focus on Microplastics in the LA River, Biofilters, and Pollution mitigation. Leonard’s publication is being featured in the LA Times and ACS(American Chemical Society) News.

In the research it was found that wind can lift microplastics from human-sewage-based fertilizers at higher concentrations than previously understood, making them a potentially significant source of airborne plastic pollution. The study reveals that when wind blows over soil treated with these fertilizers, the microplastics leave the soil more readily than expected, leading to elevated levels of airborne plastic particles. This raises concerns about the inhalation of these particles, which are likely coated with harmful chemicals, posing health risks to humans. The research emphasizes the need for increased awareness and regulation of sewage-based fertilizers, urging sustainable waste management practices to address the growing problem of plastic pollution. Read more about the highlighted publication below.

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