Purchase Orders


Before submitting your Purchase Order request, you must read the below information.

Submitting incomplete or incorrect orders will result in a processing delay.

Complete orders following the below instructions will be be given priority.

Step 1: Access and fill out the appropriate PO request form above.

Step 2: Send the completed PO request form(s) above in an email to CEEHELP@seas.ucla.edu with the following information included in the email chain and/or attached:

  • Subject: “PI Last Name-Vendor Name-Main Items-Researcher Name”
    • Example: “Jassby – Fisher – Petri Dishes – Sally Bruin”
  • Vendor sales quote form, if given, attached or included in email.
  • PI approval and recharge/FAU listed. You may attach the email approval or it may be in the email stream.

Only submit ONE email with all of the information included. If you do not have all of the information listed above, WAIT to submit the PO request. Submitting pieces of a PO request will delay processing and will be moved to the bottom of the PO request pile.

Step 3: Multiple Vendors and Chemical Notes

  • If multiple vendors, submit a separate email with a separate PO form, titled differently and including the information listed in Step 2 for each vendor.
  • Send PO requests for Chemicals separately. Do not include supplies with chemicals.
  • If picking up from campus freezer, please note boldly and in caps in email subject and at top of body of email.