C&EE Summer Courses Available

C&EE 101: Statics

Newtonian mechanics, vector representation, and resultant forces and moments. Free-body diagrams and equilibrium, internal loads and equilibrium in trusses, frames, and beams. Planar and nonplanar systems, distributed forces, determinate and indeterminate force systems, shear and moment diagrams, and axial force diagrams.

C&EE 102: Dynamics of Particles and Bodies

Introduction to fundamentals of dynamics of single particles, system of particles, and rigid bodies. Topics include kinematics and kinetics of particles, work and energy, impulse and momentum, multiparticles systems, kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies in two- and three-dimensional motions.

C&EE 108: Introduction to Mechanics of Deformable Solids.

Review of equilibrium principles; forces and moments transmitted by slender members. Concepts of stress and strain. Stress-strain relations with focus on linear elasticity. Transformation of stress and strain. Deformations and stresses caused by tension, compression, bending, shear, and torsion of slender members. Structural applications to trusses, beams, shafts, and columns. Introduction to virtual work principle.

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