Textbook Adoption


UCLA Bookstore hosts an online textbook adoption system where C&EE staff and faculty can update course material information. The C&EE department has set-up the below process for instructors.

Instructor Order Deadlines

Fall: August 15th
Winter: November 15th
Spring: February 15th

Processing Timeline

Instructor sends SAO textbook request. Request is processed. (1-2 business days)
UCLA Bookstore processes request. (2-3 business days)
UCLA Bookstore receives shipment (10-14 business days)

Inclusive Access Information

Inclusive Access converts physical course materials into instantly accessible, totally interactive and adaptive digital content, while reducing the cost to students. In short, this textbook model improves access and affordability to course materials for the 21st century. Read more about Exclusive Access. For each textbook you enter below, you will have the option of selecting ‘Inclusive Access Interest’.

Submit Your Order

Please submit the below form to update the Online Schedule of Classes with your course textbook information as well as notify the UCLA Bookstore to order textbooks for your class.

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General Information

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You may view the previous textbook information HERE.

If multiple textbooks are listed , please specify which text(s) you wish to use by indicating the ISBN.

Please note, if no textbook is listed, you will be contacted to resubmit this form by completing option #3. This will delay the textbook order for your class.
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Indicating if the textbook is required and the ISBN are the only required fields for each texbook.

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