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Transportation Engineering


Research in transportation engineering covers various topics including traffic system operations and control, intelligent transportation systems, transportation planning, transportation network system analysis, travel behavior and demand modeling, resilient infrastructure systems and health monitoring, and highway safety. Specifically, the program focuses on new mobility technologies and systems and considers the intersection of travel behavior, economics, engineering, regulation, and infrastructure as technology and business forces lead to new mobility options, such as automated and connected vehicles, electric vehicles, vehicle/ride sharing, and micromobility.

Doctoral Programs


Faculty and Lecturers



Tierra Bills

Tierra Bills, Ph.D.  5731 Boelter Hall

Travel Behavior Modeling, transportation equity, transportation economics, emerging data for travel modeling, public transportation



Enrique Lopez Droguett

Enrique Lopez Droguett, Ph.D.  Boelter Hall

Bayesian inference and artificial intelligence supported digital twins and prognostics and health management based on physics informed deep learning for reliability, risk and safety assessment of structural and mechanical systems


Jiaqi Ma

Jiaqi Ma, Ph.D. 4731G Boelter Hall (310) 206-3212

Advanced vehicular technologies, vehicle automation, and electrification; urban analytics for future mobility and smart cities; resilient, secure, smart transportation and logistics infrastructure


Sriram Narasimhan

Sriram Narasimhan, Ph.D.  Boelter Hall

Transportation infrastructure management, sensing and robotics for infrastructure, robotic infrastructure inspection, deep defect detection